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This may be one of the most unbearable exercises ever. I mean, I've tried to do it three different times now. Over ...four years. I loathe making websites happen.

Everyone thinks all this click and drag and 17,943 menus to make every possible thing happen is so lovely and easy. Well, let me give you a think or two, children, back when we were making websites with nothing but basic HTML the machines didn't do the work for you. I don't need fractals and vectors and widgits and whatsits, when all I want is a few, simple pages in solid colors that don't clash.

Also: get off my lawn. And: shakes fist at cloud.

I don't want to do this! But, my experience with the world says I must. I'd rather just make my artwork, and sell my artwork, and talk to people about my artwork, and not try to make every menu bar line up with the correct pixel in the rotating panel and also ensure the color of that menu button is the exact same hex color number as the scrolling feed at the bottom of the page.

Argh, I'm too old for this snickerdoodle! Clearly, I need a 13 year old with no concept of debt or bills to come and do this all in 45 minutes for me. But, lacking that I soldier on.

While my current batch of yarn - for the upcoming show next Saturday! - cools, I am reminded of this site I've neglected. I pulled it up (dredging the link from the recesses of my antediluvian brain), and was appalled by what I left a couple of years ago. This is what people have been thinking of me? Oh, oh my.

And so. I chew my broccoli stick and sip my bordeaux blanc (Barbara would be so proud, and of all this on her actual birthday!) and bang on this darn keyboard and try to get something that doesn't look like a 2-year-old's finger painting to come out of it.

I think I need to open another bottle! Maybe then it'll start to look like art.

Yours always,