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Embroidered Pillow Covers

This week, I'm working on a job to embroider some pillow covers. I've worked with this client before, so she is comfortable giving me free reign on the project. Having so little direction is very exciting creatively, but sometimes paralyzing because I have so many ideas.

I've settled on a central theme of dragonflies, supplemented with some other fun elements. Everyone likes dragonflies, right? What's the worst than can happen? (A motto that tends to permeate most things I do, for better or worse!)

Most designs for this project created by the amazing team at Urban Threads. Their creativity has really fired up my own and features in a lot of my embroidery projects.

I haven't been doing as much embroidery as quilting since moving house and setting up my new sewing room, so my embroidery threads haven't had a rack set up yet like my sewing and quilting threads. As you can probably see, for embroidery I prefer Floriani Thread.

I love the entire series of henna/mendala inspired designs they have and can't wait to have an excuse to use all of them. This one is going to become a large, central dragonfly for one of the pillow covers.

I love variegated thread more than is rationally appropriate. It can be a total tossup to use in embroidery, though, as the color change can really make or break a design, and you have essentially no control over it.

This fairy seems to be surviving my variegated experiment. The one on the pillow cover seems to be doing ok, too.

For now, I'm just going to keep celebrating Taylor Swift's return to Spotify by bopping along and singing loudly, even if I have to shut the door to avoid spousal retribution.