A collection of some of the quilts I’ve made over the years.  When I first began this adventure, I didn’t fully realize how necessary photos would be, and how to appropriately capture my work on film.  Also, mobile camera technology has advanced tremendously and made quality photographs far more accessible.  Some of these were made for fun, some for gifts, and others were commissioned works.

Twisted Inside

Aug 2012-Feb 2015

I've always loved the look and skill of traditionally pieced quilts, but hated how so many of them look dated and countrified.  I saw my first bargello quilt on display at the Vermont Quilt Festival in 2011.  When I found a pattern for Dereck Lockwood's Mystic Nights the next year, the flow and motion convinced me I needed to immediately become immersed in this modern take on bargello.

Map of Tassie

December 2011

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