Christopher Capri
Artist Bio

Born on the planet Thundera, Chris and a handful of Thundercats narrowly escape its volcanic destruction, and crash-land on Krynn, where he stumbles into a cozy inn perched in the branches of a giant tree and joins a band of unlikely companions that awaken that world’s lost dragons and magic.  Named a Knight of Narnia for his valor at the First Battle of Beruna, Chris was often called upon to defend the scions of House Shannara on their quests throughout the Four Lands.  A frequent warrior against the Adult Conspiracy of Xanth, Chris learned that a sharp wit and tongue were far more effective than a blade. Fast friends with the sage Elminster, Chris had a hand in the rise and fall of empires, as well as gods, of Faerun.

Coinciding with the realization that his bibliophilic escapism needed to be subsidized by monetary income, Chris became acquainted with quilting and separately began working at a retail chain fabric store, and the beginnings of a true calling to quilting, as well as a healthy fabric addiction, were kindled.  Primarily self-taught through hand-me-down quilting books, failed experimentation, and spectacular rotary cutter disasters, Chris has gravitated to a quilting style that does not lend itself to a traditional label or 15 second blurb at guild meetings.

Thus far unable to parlay the vast treasure hoard he accumulated during the early adventures of his youth into trivialities such as a mortgage payment in this world, Chris keeps up the appearance of being a grown-up by working as a Technology Wizard.  Manifesting his quilting visions on fabric allows Chris to decompress from the day-to-day Dumb that seems to infect most mortals he deals with and keep himself out of prison; but most importantly, quilting doesn’t require that he wear pants.

Worcester, MA

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