An enthusiastic Fiber Artist for more than 25 years, Chris has been breaking conventions and hearts wherever he goes (sorry ladies, and gents, he's well and truly taken).  Starting quilting as a teenager who didn't accept the concept of 'you can't do that' Chris experimented with many techniques before settling on an artistic style that both eluded and blended modern quilting, often based in batiks and untraditional renderings of classic and modern quilting trends.  Feeling too constrained by what fabrics were available in local shops, Chris began dyeing his own quilting fabric.
This, within months lead to a consideration of all the waste dye in dyeing cotton, and considering what else might be done at the same time.  Cotton yarn dyeing followed the same principles as fabric and became an amusing side product.  Very rapidly, Chris realized that selling yarn but not knowing how to do anything with it wasn't a viable strategy, and so he enlisted a friend to teach him knitting basics, and from there it was off to the races.

The portability and spacial requirements of dyeing yarn and knitting being far more versatile to that of quilting, this soon became 'the thing.'  Not that quilting has gone away, but yarn and knitting have been where it has been for a while now.  It is also easier to convince someone to buy a hank of yarn they didn't know they needed than a bed-sized quilt that took months to complete.

"Do what you need.  When you can't, do what you love.  If that's not possible, do what is beautiful.
When that's not possible, do what you must for as short a time as possible until you can do what you need."

     Christopher Capri

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